Computer virus, began to ransom video games players!

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Dangerous virus is hitting 40 different games .jpg file

Volume of billions of dollars to computer hacking has become a vast industry. Hackers innovative Interviews (viruses, malware, etc.) are carried out using a computer break-in, and gain valuable information and financial benefit. A number of cases have come so far in which hackers steal information from computer systems of corporations and banks and account holders may transfer the money to their accounts.

As computer technology is developing innovative techniques Well hacking are happening. Computer hackers, online games now stay at the heart of the dadgan. I recently discovered a computer virus which players can play their favorite stops.They can not access it until the Games by the virus, as long as bribes or pay ransom money!

It felt strange to some, but this is the spot indicating the virus.Games and other files stored in a computer virus targets and encrypt them or locks. The lock key or password for the user to get at least $ 500 have to be paid in case of Bitcoin. Experts dangerous virus is hitting 40 different games including Call of Duty, World of uarkraft, Mine Craft and popular games such as World of Tanks included.

According to experts, this method of malware, which is named Teslacrypt, two years before the outbreak of the virus is similar Cryptolocker. However, this is another creation of cyber hacker group. The virus is spread through a blog on Word Press is made.

Experts say the virus of anti-hacker to break into computers and online services after the popular uydyugymz search is connected to the 185 types of files, and encrypt them starts.Dygrfaylun words forged hostage and his 'release' ransom in exchange for bribes from the user asks. Files 'release' Bitcoin user in exchange for $ 500 or $ 1000 pay through PayPal.'Ransom' virus to pay his victim tells Tour browsing the network address of the unknown. Experts generally Games after re-installing does not matter. Victims of the virus that will stand up and protect your data online games to pay ransom for enjoying the elements.

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