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What is computer?

Computer is a machine that take input from a user process that input and gives consists of hardware and software.

Components of computer:

There are two type of components of computer.

1.physical components i.e hardware.

2.non physical components i.e software.

1. Physical components:

Physical components of computers are hardware and hardware of the computer is that we can see and touch and are physically present.

Physical components consists of: Keyboard, mouse,monitor,cpu,speakers etc.

2. Non physical components:


Non physical components of computers are called softwares and we can see them running on the screen but we cannot touch them and these softwares runs on computer and make computers more user friendly.

Non physical components consists of different programs running on screen, e.g operating system,browsers,vlc  media player etc..


Input and output units of computers:

input units of the computer are those units that user uses to give input to the computer.

Input units are keyboard, mouse,joystick,touchpad,scanners etc

output unit of the computers are those that displays output to the user that user can see.

Output units are monitor, printers, etc

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