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What is a a computer? Computer is an electronic machine made by different types of mechanical chips. It is one of the most popular and used thing now a days. Computer has become a daily need for a human being. It is totally involved in the daily routine of a person. In our society most of the works are done by the help of computers in different fields like industries, factories, universities, offices, government offices, schools, colleges in fact everywhere.

Computer is performing a key role as a controller of our modern society. It controls the machines , thinking and even the ideas of a man. It also controls the whole business in place of a man. It is a unique and reliable guide for all of us in our daily life.

Computer answers very good and accurate. Today most of the scientific researches are done by the help of computers. So it means it also work as scientists. space can b explored and most of the discovers are made from the computer.

Computer is like a teacher for us. All the institutes , universities, are using computers for work and instructions. Computer is also works as an entertainer. We can hear and watch different types of movies and music. We can surf the web and the internet and be in touch with the social media these days anytime from computers with internet facility .