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Computer plays a very important role in oSoftware

ur daily made our life so much easy and reliable as it contains fastest sending messages e-mails.By computers and internet we can talk to our far relatives and send them documents like pictures,videos and files.Apart from it, computer saved a lot of time by providing us social media.We can make contacts to our friends if they are miles away from us.

We can use computer for business purposes like online jobs,dealings,contracts and several more.A computer is actually an electronic device used to store info and to execute it but it has uncountable benefits like we can printout, we can make pictures,we can play games etc

Conventionally, a computer consists of a processing unit,a central processing unit known as CPU, and some form of memory.The processing element carries out logical and arithmetic functions, and a sequencing and control unit can change the order of operations in response to stored info.

There are six types of computers e.g personal computer,human computer,computer hardware,desktop,portable and computer science.

A computer runs on two things number one is software and second is hardware.hardware means physical components of computer while software isn't physical is not limited to word,spreadsheets and databases,it also contains e-mails web browsing,digital media,games and much more.



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