Concepts of Our National Ideology

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It is known that Pakistan is an ideological state or that it is founded on ISLAM. But most of us especially the young men do not fully understand the principles and objectives that lie behind this chain in the minds of large numbers of Pakistanis.


The principal of the ideology of PAKISTAN is that for Pakistanis Islam is their “NATIONLISM” as well as “PATRIOTISM”. The people of PAKISTAN come from different races speak different languages; they live in various geographical territories. The foundation of this state therefore, cannot be laid on race, language and territory. The real factor that is common in ISLAM.

Quaid-e-Azam said,

“Whatever else you may be and whatever you are, you are a muslim. You belong to a nation now. You have now carved out a territory, it is all yours’ it does not belong to a Punjabi or a Sindhi, or a PATHAN, or a Bengali, it is yours”

Hence the basis of nationhood in PAKISTAN is Islam. We do not believe in idolatrous patriotism. We do not believe in worshiping the geographical features of a country called PAKISTAN but we are ready to lay down our lives for the principals of Islam. Hence ISLAM is “Patriostism”


Quaid e Azam said.

“You are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of PAKISTAN”

Then Islam is a religion, a body of principles, which are for universal application. As explained by our great leader.

Brotherhood, equality and fraternity of man, these are all the basic points of our religion, culture and civilization and we fought for Pakistan because there was a danger or denial of these human rights in this subcontinent”


Pakistan Islam is that “socialism”, Islam has its own economic system. The objective of Islam is to establish a balanced economic order. It ensures that no individual can exploit another. It rejects both capitalism and socialism as two extreme viewpoints. This gives birth to a society based on mutual love and co-operation 

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