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Every thing in the world has a beginning and and end, except the God “Allah Almighty” who is the creator and ever-lasting, and the topic which I had started writing about woman and since then have written around 21 blogs in filmanex which I am not sure whether was read by some one or not, or if so was it of any use or not, have to conclude it now here. 

As we saw that the problem of woman which had been a fatal one for the people of the world especialy western civilization since the beginning of the history of humanbeings and the key to solve this very unresolveable problem has been and could be Islam. It was Islam that solved this fatal problem of the world. Although we studied the matter of woman as a very quick go thorough comparing it with other civilizations old and new, yet we saw that there is not any other way except Islam which has not neglected a single aspect in which the matter of woman has not been discussed in a very wise and satisfiable way. But I am surprise that why people ignore this and go in search to solve the problem which they can never find any other way than the universal law of Islam.

At the end I advice to my sisters in Islam first, and to all women of the world that the only key to solve the problem for which they are fighting for since long years, is Islam and only Islam, both in this world and in the next world. I especially advice mny sisters in Islam that they should not forget the glory of their own religion Islam and go astray on the footpath of the western people, I can assure that there is not any problem that Islam has not covered or went to solve it. There is a poem in Dari which says:

آب در کوزه و ما تشنه لبان می گردیم             یار درخانه و ما گرد جهان می گردیم

I can even without any hesitation say again and again that although the western women have born a very hard struggle to get their position in the society, but they have not succeeded and will never be able to gain it from selfish man of the world in the future. The thing which is attracting some of our ignorant Muslim woman is the appearance of the western woman and their unrestrained freedom.

Yes, I do also agree that appearantly, it seems that now the western woman is free, but why should not this be asked, what type of a freedom they have? Are they really happy with their new situation and freedom? Is another thing to be surveyed and asked from them?

I can very easily and strongly imagine and say that they have never been happy with this situation of them. By doing so much struggling and giving so many sacrifices, never expected this situation, but what can they do now to relieve themselves from this very bad condition? I know, they are searching to find a way to escape from this evil situation of them.

As Islam successes in solving the problems, it keeps the door open for all the people of the world to embrace it. It keeps the door open and all the women of the world can embrace it and after embracing Islam, they will enjoy all the rights which a Muslim woman gets and deserves. I am sure that they will share the happiness with their Muslim sisters and they will be happy for ever. They will be happy both in this world and in the next world which is the real world of the true believers. Islam grants the woman all things that she wants and they will be successful both in this world and in Hereafter if they become the true believers.

I am sure that when they become true Muslims, they will become so much happy that will begin to praise the one who showed them the way to Islam. One can very easily ask from those who newly embraced Islam to know about it. Islam is the religion of love and peace. They are deprived of the true love and they will immediately get it when they are Mulim. No matter if they do not want to embrace Islam but I honestly request from all the men and women that should study Islam deeply and without any prejudices, because Islam is not the religion of any particulare person, tribe or any nation, but Islam is the religion of all the humanbeing. The study of Islam helps the people to get out of their problem.

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