Conditions for establishing industries

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The conditions for establishing industries are following:
Availability of land: Suitable land should be available for starting industry. It should be at suitable place. Availability of water: There should be availability of water because water is necessary for everything. Availability of gas: Gas is also important because many types of machinery run on gas. Availability of electricity: Electricity helps in running machines and use for other purposes.


Availability of seaport: If goods are produce for exporting then there should be near port where goods are easily export to other countries. Capital: Capital is one of the important factors without it factory cannot be run. Labors: The labors should be easily reached there because without labors owner cannot produce goods.

Market: Market should be near to the industry because goods are sold to market. Far markets create problems. Roads. There should be proper roads. Raw materials: Raw material should be easily available near the industry.

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