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I figured I'd start writing some blogs detailing some interesting information about the films on my WebTV channel ( I begin with my latest upload - Connect 4.

Connect 4 was the first proper short film I made since leaving University. I was originally planning to make a more serious survival based drama set in the ocean but the pre production was proving to be to difficult/expensive! 

The idea for the film came about from joking about with the actress in Connect 4 that if it rained during production of the ocean film, we would just stay inside and play connect 4 all day. The whole film strangely popped right into my head at that point! It's a really simple idea and would be far easier to make than my ocean idea. 

Pre Production took about 2 weeks, with a 1 day shoot and about 3 weeks editing and colour grading.


- Connect 4 cost less than £500 to make. The cat costume was the most expensive item but I believe it was well worth the money as it is the climax to the film.

- The cat costume used in Connect 4 was the same costume worn by English actor and comedian Mark Heap in the TV series Big Train! 

- The opening shot features a small kitten (named Bella) running out of shot. We were filming round my friends house and he had recently got a very hyper active kitten. I decided I wanted Bella to run through the opening shot as a slight hint to the ending of the film. It took a total 5 takes to get Bella to run at the right time so we were very lucky with that!

- The main character in the film is reading Alice in Wonderland. I chose this as another small hint to the ending as the Cheshire Cat in the book is very similar to the illusive colourful cat in Connect 4.

- The final shot where the connect 4 pieces fall on their own was done with a long, thin piece of string being pulled by someone from behind the sofa.

- I am hidden behind the cat in all of the shots. I am swaying it's tail and lifting it's head up so you can see his face more clearly!


If you have any questions about the production of the film, feel free to leave a comment on this blog and I'll be happy to answer your questions/comments!

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