Conquest of Makah

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The Muslims were strictly observing the terms of the treaty of hudaibiya when in the year 8 A.H., the unbelievers broke the agreement. The holy prophet peace be upon him sent a messenger to the quraish laying down certain conditions for the renewal of peace. He also said that if these conditions were not acceptable then the treaty of hadaibiya would stand dissolved. The Quraish chose not to renew the treaty.

The holy prophet peace be upon him thought that there was no other alternative but to fight against the quraish. He therefore ordered preparations for war. The holy prophet peace be upon him with the muslim army marched toward Makkah on the 10th of ramazan 8 A.H. by the time he reached Makkah the army numbered ten thousand. The holy prophet peace be upon him divided his army into four groups and gave instructions to them that they were not to fight unless they were attacked in that case they would defend themselves .

The quraish who had never seen such a huge well- armed and disciplined army before offered no resistance and submitted. Before entering Makkah the holy prophet peace be upon him announced a genral pardon except for a few bitter enemies of islam. It was announced that the people should have no fear as no one would be killed or injured. He also announced that anyone who laid down his arms anyone who took refuge in the house of abu sufyan and anyone who closed the door of his house would be safe. All those promises were fulfilled and the holy prophet peace be upon him entry into Makkah was peaceful.   

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