Conspiracies Against Pakistan

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Pakistan,   since the time of its independence is facing a   lot of problems  from internal and external sources. The internal problems such as inflation and immorality etc might be   reduced but   as   due to   some external sources it cannot   do   so   because   these   not only cause many hurdles   but   they   make conspiracies to overcome   the efforts of righteous people. So   as   a   result   Pakistan   is degrading   gradually in a vicious manner.

     It   is   almost a bad luck for us that a   specific sections   of elite classes especially which belong from our military   as well as   civil bureaucracy.Whenever   politicians   try to   make   Pakistan prosperous   with   the grade of civilized   and developed   countries , many   scandals   are   created to   bypass them as   the result of which our country   does not progress   as   it should be   in spite   of the best  talents   who   convinced all   the   world   with their vital qualities.   Our   nation is   considered   to be a nation with   no moral life and undisciplined   which is incorrect opinion about the Pakistan’s people. In fact our nation is   the best nation with best potentials.

     So in   order   to   progress   more and more we   should   throw away   our haters and   manage our  life   with   the way we want.  

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