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Our society is consumption oriented society. Consumption oriented means people do expenses on unnecessary things. They buy and sell unimportant things which are not need necessary. Our people spend on extra things. Like on marriages people spend money without thinking. They spent plenty of money like water on decoration.


They want to show their standard high that’s why they purchase expensive items for marriage ceremony. People gave many things to bride. They spent heavily on dresses and food. Many food items are displayed on marriage. They expense in competition of others and their relatives. Without thinking of bad and good effects of wastage of money they are spending.


Now a days people also spent on their houses with extra decoration and furniture only for showing their standard high. They make their houses big and expensive things are purchased for their houses. People also spent in restaurants without thinking. Now it is a fashion for them to eat food in restaurants and hotels. The food is costly in restaurants and people go there without any reason.


Now it is a fashion of doing window shopping. It is only wastage of money. People feel proud by doing window shopping. They buy extra clothes shoes and other items. If our society stop doing these extra consumptions than they can save much. The extra consumption always brings a loss. If they save and make investments then it is beneficial for them as well as for their country.


GDP and national income of a country will rise. Extra spending decreases savings and country cannot progress without savings and investments. Saving is very important and always gave benefits in long term. Extra consumption only reduces savings and brings loss. 

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