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Let's go at other people for not expecting, giving no opportunity for anything. I remember a friend of mine said: "Why are you giving flowers to my friends when I was sick I had no mind to enjoy, even though I really like this flower." Trust me, giving away your happiness, and you will receive more than that.


What is happiness?

A free evening, I posted on Facebook a little question: "What is Happiness?". After one day, remove the anonymous responses joke, this is the answer I received:

"Go from things not seen."

"As a moment. It came from little joy ".

"As a state of self-satisfied, serene. It is the ultimate goal of everything we do ".

"As if getting what you want and know what their laurels are. Happiness comes from a process or simply striving to find casual. Specifically, if you feel that fame is happiness, they must strive. As for him, being chased off crap that saw the toilet was happy then. "

"The people no matter what we did, are also happy to not have this, okay nghĩa life".

"Depending on the circumstances".

"As if we are loved, becomes important, indispensable to people, recognized by everyone. Happiness comes when you let go ".

You see it. A brief question like that but there are many different answers. Every person concept. No right - wrong here.

reflect on happiness

The concept of happiness vary in the same person in each stage, different circumstances. In the old days, when I was tiny, the happiness of a child is simply a cool ice cream in the hot summer afternoon. Greater happiness of the child's students get the grades, make friends, parents, relatives proud. Step into the university entrance exam, the candidate's happiness is received notices to college, regardless of the adoptive parents to school 12 years. A few years later, happy to have a job respected by society, a good friend to live his life happily, there is a floor, Married car ... then, happiness is when you what is prosperous school. Later in life, happiness is the family gathered, not lonely autumnal.

As children, happiness from material things. At old age, happy spirit.

In the same person has different definitions of happiness is no surprise that different people have different definitions, even conflicting. A child who is always looking after the parents will feel thoroughly happy if the parents give it more freedom. In contrast, a child always be free, do whatever they like to wish the parents more interested in it. Normal people desire happiness when people pay attention, become famous. Conversely, celebrities feel happy to escape the paparazzi stalking them throughout the day, disrupting their private lives. The sick, the disease can be happy only hope is a simple body heal, stay healthy. Sometimes, the happiness of the other person may suffer as chains, linked together so. Happiness of my best friends is going to be simple bike to run around town, not bound. But, if you do not have your health, what conditions do you have freedom?

Happiness is not only in separate individuals but also happiness in a collective, community, nation. Not far away, even on its own, Vietnam each person will feel how happy when our people out of poverty and become a developed country, defend its territorial claims.

Watch out, to find true happiness and in so many other definitions of happiness, perhaps we should take a lifetime to find. My personal favorite that best answer: "Happiness depends perspective".

Happiness come from?

According to scientists, happiness comes from the brain. The ability to recognize themselves and feel located in frontal lobe (forehead and eye area hindbrain).

According to spirituality, Buddhist philosophy, happiness in this moment, right here and here.

How to be happy?

Happiness is not an accident that is the choice that you are fully capable of performing. A friend of my sister once said that to be happy, we need to know enough. Itself enough to see what they are happy. Ironically, not many people know enough like her. Worth Killings of research carried out in 2010 Gilbert points out that people spent 46.9% of their time in day mode immerse fantasy world. Them to mind wandering instead of thinking about work need to do. How much longer wander, the more they feel unhappy much. Misfortune as well as alcohol. A bit can have health benefits, but too much going into trouble, even addictive. Not long ago, young people raised Emo movement. In an Emo group meeting, the members will tell each other specialized sad and crying. Agreed that sorrow will contribute happier, but every day hugging and crying, looked gloomy life through the eyes quite up well, why? Life always has two sides, light and dark, happiness and unhappiness. If we only see one of two sides, then we will lose a full overview, but mixed but perfect present life. Anyhow, let's choose happiness from the positive things.

Happiness is often interpreted as a smile on his face. So instead of asking "What makes me happy?", Ask: "What makes her laugh?". Search for happiness, it sounds far-fetched, do not know where that was, huh? Simple again, we look for what makes her smile. When smiling, white blood cells in the blood will be increased. This is critical, vital for the immune system and ward off tumors, cancers. Especially when laughing gas release, laughing all the way down, the quality bata - the release of endorphins, which work to reduce troubles, increased growth hormone, making us more strength to cope with all difficulties in life. Our forefathers had the "A laughter tonic scale". Laughter therapy doctor but not the disease, but it conveys a sense of hope, positive spirit.

Listen to a track will also contribute to our happiness. Auditory nerve transmission of mechanical vibration through the atrium to the auditory display cerebral gray, converted into electronic signals and then continue treatment area leads to feelings. Here, norepinephrine and epinephrine are released, making us alert, pain, fatigue, mood changes. Singing, dancing, swaying to the music as well as happier. According to Sandgren doctoral dissertation in 2005, the amateur singers feel happy during vocal training. They experience the great feeling when they present, their position in the song.

In order to be happy, happy to share. Everyone wants to go but cultural society in which we live encourages us toward what we do not have; I want to get, get, get ... To assume that the material we cover, preventing us intend to go. Happiness in life is not about how much you get is, how much you give away. There is a saying of someone saying, "It's no fun to be the richest person in the graveyard." Let's just let go. Giving away something, we'll get back it, could not the same person. I let go not only mental but also physical: a smile, a hug, a word of love, not criticize, compliment profusely, volunteering, hot cup of coffee, small books, gifts regardless questionable.

Let's go at other people for not expecting, giving no opportunity for anything. I remember a friend of mine said: "Why are you giving flowers to my friends when I was sick I had no mind to enjoy, even though I really like this flower." Trust me, giving away your happiness, and you will receive more than that.

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