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I've come to realize some of my best viewed blogs are on controversial subjects. Nothing will get traffic and comments more then controversy. I find that most bloggers are opinionated people. That's why they write. That is also a reason they are willing to debate your topic. I must say that I've made quite a lot of friends this way.

I must warn you that this isn't a tactic to be used excessively. I mean how can anyone be controversial all the time. You get labeled a nut case and no one will visit your site. The longer you're controversial the harder it will become to stay that way.

Second, if you take this stand just to drive traffic, you'll be discovered in a heartbeat as a fraud.  The blogging community isn't stupid. So I suggest you let the controversy come naturally. Don't force it, you'll only turn your readers off. Besides, if you don't have the passion, how can you present a acceptable debate. You want your readers to respect you and your views.

Respect doesn't mean you have to win the debate. If you want a debate, you must remember that not everyone will come over to your side of thinking. Don't expect to change your reader's minds. Let them express their views. In the end agree to disagree.

Finally, if you are going to be controversial, be prepared to receive some insults. If you are sensitive don't look for a debate. It can be heated and personal at times. I suggest you don't delete any comments. Let the world read them and decide if they were appropriate. You'll be surprised at how many readers will come to your defense. Even people that disagree with your views.

 After all we are a small community of people that have thoughts about everything. If you're part of the family, we will watch your back. If you break the code, we will turn our backs on you.The choice is yours.

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