Conversations Of Chris and Oscar

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"Do you think all jobs are good?" ~Oscar

Here's a little background info: Chris an Oscar are a couple who live in Canada. Oscar is from Central America and Chris was born in Canada. Anything else that needs to be said, will probably be said throughout the text.

I woke from my afternoon nap hearing the conversation in the kitchen that was being had over coffee, as it 
usually is.
The topic is always different each time, and usually causes a bit of a debate. Today they were talking about
whether you have to have a career or a job to succeed in society. One of the main ideas of this is that there
really is no reason to not have a job in Canada. Oscar was saying that it's ironic that the people who live here
and don't have very many skills or have language difficulties are the ones working, and people that live here
their whole lives and probably have good skills are homeless and not working. It doesn't matter what kind of job
you have because we need people to do everything, so not everyone can be a doctor,lawyer,government official but not everyone needs to be.There are many services here that need people who have just average
educations, just as much as the services that need people who have spent years on their education. The fact is, every job no matter what, needs education in some way, shape or form. Even if you don't have a fancy job, you can still make it through in life, and that's the important thing.

Please voice your opinions on the matter by sharing or commenting. These are always interesting topics of discussion, and I hope to report again soon.~H

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