Cookie Monster Must Love October: It’s National Cookie Month

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Apparently, there is no known creator for National Cookie Month, no congressional records, & no presidential proclamations. Nonetheless, October is recognized as National Cookie Month.

My favorite cookies are the crunchy kind. Don’t forget the glass of milk.

I enjoy getting a cup of mixed cookies from The Cookie Corner. “Life is like a cup of mixed cookies, you never know what you’re gonna get.”
[*grins* you know where that is from (Forrest Gump) with just a little tweak from me ^.^]

Soon I want to make some filled pumpkin shaped cookies. Basically, the cookie has four parts:
Middle (with section cut out)
Top (cover for the section cut out)
Filling (candies, chocolate, jelly . . . fill with your favorite items).

Get the idea? I will take pictures when I create them.

Happy National Cookie Month!


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