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Hello to everybody,

my name is PIERO  SALI and I have lately uploaded some movies shot during my journeys in Far East.

This question is addressed to whom, in any way has materially faced problems with copyrights such as:

music used as sound carpet during film editing or people recorded accidentally during shooting.

If somebody faced a denied authorization or warning from copyrights holders ora quite lawsuit for above reasons is kindly requested to advise what the consequences happened.

Appreciate any comment.

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University degree in ''Italian Literature'' with Thesis regarding ''Baltic Countries from Brest-Litovsk to Molotov-Von Ribbentrop treaties''. Worked for 38 years as Supervisor in Airlines Industry. After retirement, attended courses for: photographer, sound technician, film editing. Playing guitar in jazz and blues bands. Love travelling and movies shooting. Practicing Kung fu…

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