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His father was a famous biochemist who was employed at a zoo to the shores of the sea Bacalar as his mother. When he was born pipe a cradle in the laboratory of his parents since still he did not have a room, they decided to put it in the laboratory that was where they were happening more time. One evening his mother managed  a substance in order that they could deal with the animals, on having ended it was going with such substance to show it to his husband but it stumbled and the substance was spilled all over the baby. His mother ran worried to telling to his husband what had happened, they were worried because they had never proved it in human beings. They wouldn´t know the consequences that it  would bring to his son. His desperate parents did to him a heap of analysis and studies of all kinds discovering that his son had suffered molecular alterations, he could manipulate his molecules, not only it but I alter the respiratory device and it could deal to the animals principally when they were in danger and were to long distances.

When it grew to the age of approximately at the age of 16 years, He learned to develop the maximum level of his senses, and it could run to big speeds. Even it could save to the animals that were in danger or of the dealers of animals. The parents amazed by the skills of his son...