Corporate America: Dancing off Beat to the Rhythm of a Corporate World

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     The term "prideful wastefulness is a crowning way to describe how Americans live. We drive SUVs, and then complain about gas prices. Americans break down trading tariffs the ship American jobs to third world countires in order to creat more profit. We settle debts with outher countries in trade for a military base and access to their natural resources, so we can launch a quick strike from almost anywhere in the world, and feed off the natural resources of a poor country. America has outlawed the use of DDT in the States because we know the effects it has on humans; however, we still produce DDT, then send it to third world countires to spray on the food we import. We have such a thirst for consumerism that we pride-fully waste the lives of people in other countries. The essential life veins of third world countries are pouring into the fat hands of Americans. American companies are stuffing birth control down the throats of women who worked in these outsourced jobs, in order to keep them from getting pregnant and therefore become more productive for U.S. companies. "Unless the wants of investorrs are satisfied, there is bo production, no work, no resources avaliable for welfare, in short no possibility for survival." (Chomsky) In other words, our capitalist democracy is devoted to ensuring that the wealthy stay satisfied. 

     The passing of the North American Free Trade Agreement has made these issues worse. It ensure that small private companies will be competing across boarders without restriction. So what results will this produce? Big buisness will fire low paid workers, and hire even lower paid workers in foregin countries. We need to tread lightly with these problems when it comes to reconstructing IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN. News of the war ending is an open door for companies to take advantage of the CURRENT EVENTS IN AFGHANISTAN. We cannot allow the same process to happen again in AFGHANISTAN.

     Do we as a nation care about the acres of toxic waste in these countries because they dont have the resources to properly dispose of our U.S. manufactured waste? Is this not a form of HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS? Do we as Americans acknowledge the thousands of people who work thier lives away to satisfy our need to consume? Many Americans are blind to these facts.

     If the VETERNS BLOG you just read bothers you there is a simple soultion. Stop. I want you, as the reader, to understand that I am not here to lobby agianst buying food and products from other countries. Howver, I am here to educate those who wish to understand the problem so they van become part of the soultion. America has undermined the world in more ways then one, with our money driven attributes. 

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