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                                      Haseeb ur Rehman

Corruption is a world-wide fact. it is the mother of all evils. it is found in almost every country of the world. Corruption is the most serious problem of is undermining the roots of the country. The main reason for corruption is the desire to become rich overnight.

There are some certain reasons of corruption.
First, the general economic condition of the country is poor and every one tries to become rich nest.
Second, the salaries of the government officers are very limited.Therefore,they indulge in accepting bribes.
Third, the general price level and the standard of living is very high. Thus the honest means of income of a person fail him in life.
Fourth, social traditions and customs demand much expenditure of money.
Fifth, there exists no strong opinion against corruption because it has become a common thing. The people are spending the money lavishly.

  Corruption breeds and promotes a lot of vices in the society. It promotes immorality,lawlessness,frustration,injustice and disorder in society. Owing to corruption, the machinery of the government gets rusted. It stops to work in the intended manner. corruption decreases respect of law.The corrupt officers are not caught and they cause corruption. It has made the people morally corrupt and selfish.

It can be checked with some healthy and solid steps. In order to eradicate and uproot corruption from our country, we need a true change in political, social and economic system. In short, corruption is prevailing on a large scale in our country. It is not only a social evil, but also a social crime against our entire nation. It is a great curse and poison for our nation. It must be crushed with an iron hand..

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