Crane Safety Operation

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  1.  No entry Crane without third party certification and site inspection as per requirement.

  2. Certification of Operator with Valid operating License.

  3. Load chart to be displayed inside Operator’s Cabin.

  4. Heavy Lifting under supervision of Rigging Superintendent.

  5. No entry of Crane in Restricted Area.

  6. Fire Extinguisher available with each Crane.

  7. Permit to work near power lines.

  8. Clear Fingers & Toes during Tensioning the Sling & Landing Loads.

  9. Banks man during crane movement.

  10. One person to signal the crane operator is mandatory.

  11. No personal movement under hanging load.

  12. Usage of Tagline to guide the Load.

  13. Load to be handled smoothly.

  14. Loads are not to Drag or pull sideways.

  15. Sling & Lifting Gears must be used as with Working Load Marked.

  16. Wire rope sling & flat belt sling are commonly used for load lifting.

  17. Never exceed safe working load.

  18. Proper Inspection and Color Coding must be ensured before use.

  19. Store away from extreme of Heat, Cold, Dampness and mechanical damage.

  20. The Hooks being used shall either be fitted with a safety catch or be of the design that the sling cannot be displayed from installed position.

  21. Visual Inspection of Hooks for Cracks or Spreading.

  22. Shackles of proper size for connections of slings being used.

  23. Correct pins to be used for each shackle.

  24. Never use Rebar, M.S. bolt etc. as replacement for shackle pins.

  25. Protect lifting Gears from sharp edges & corners.

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