Crazy Facts: Part 4

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Here is part four to my list of crazy random facts. Numbers 76-100. Hope you enjoy!

76.Money is made from cotton not paper.

77.Love literally makes you crazy and causes some of the same symptoms of OCD.

78. Scientists recently found a planet two times that of Earth and it is made completely of Diamonds.

79. Most serial killers are born in November.

80. February has the least amount of birthdays.

81. August has the most birthdays.

82. For a woman, cuddling reduces stress and can strengthen the heart.

83.People take insults better when laying down.

84.You cant dream of strangers. Anybody you see in your dream is someone you have seen at one point in your life. 

85.To overdose on marijuana, you would have to smoke over 2000 pounds. 

86. There's an 80% chance that if you text 'k' the person ill not respond.

87. Drinking too much coffee has the same effect on you as smoking marijuana. 

88. Cows have best friends and they get stressed if they are separated.

89. Napping improves your stamina, increases your creativity and reduces your stress. 

90. Hugging or holding hands with someone you care about instantly reduces stress.

91. Daydreaming is our brains way of getting us to creatively figure out what it is we really want.

92. Chocolate can help prevent dental decay.

93. If you can not stop thinking of someone, chances are they are thinking of you too.

94.People who talk fats tend to have confidence issues.

95. Couples who cuddle more are eight times more likely to be happy in their relationships. 

96. Looking at the time in the middle of the night can give you anxiety and make it harder to fall asleep.

97. Eating a mango while smoking weed will make you higher.

98. 6 years o our lives are spent dreaming dreams we don't remember in the morning.

99. Depression is the result of over thinking. 

100.Eating watermelon can help relieve stress and anxiety.


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