Creative or banal?

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Hello, guys.

Today I created my profile on Film Annex, and I am happy to introduce myself to everyone attached to this social media website. 


I love music and everything related to it. I love to have conversations on various topics regarding entertainment and show business. I dedicated my life to singing and songwriting, and the  interesting point is I can't say what genre of music I love the most. I have never tried to memorize names and authors of my favorite compositions, I simply have never tried become somebody's fan. 


I admire the works of the Beatles and let's say Regina Spector, but it doesn't mean I love people who wrote those "masterpieces". To me there are two completely different interfaces that exist separately: personal and creative. You can be a mad genius, a source of inspiration for the majority of people, but in real life everyone treats you like a piece of s*** idiot with no common sense. A good example is Van Gogh who cut off his own ear with a reason apparently known to himself only. Such a freak whose works became a piece of art. 


I always try to separate my creative image from the casual one. I am constantly trying to work on my music style in order to develop it into something new; and as a creator I totally differentiate myself from who I am in my every day life. Bringing some sort of craziness to what I consider my personal music style, I continue experimenting, which either makes me a creator or, if I fail (which also happens) a freak . 


People are very skeptical about new things that's why for the most artists the right way to be successful is following common music patterns. But not for me; and there are not that many of those who actually took risks, failed, got back up on their feet, and eventually ended up being superstars. I am pretty sure that you all understand that there is a small portion of such artists as Lady Gaga and Psy. The majority of artists are banal pop clones.


Despite mistakes that have been made by me in past, I always keep in mind an old saying, "A copy can never be better than an original". For this reason - STAY unique and unpredictable! No matter how good or bad your desires are. You will always attract people's attention!

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Ivan K is a native of Mogilev, Belarus and has lived in New York, USA since 2009. Since 2007, Ivan has dedicated his life to achieving success in the Entertainment business. Over the past couple of years Ivan has written a vast number of songs, created his own music genre,…

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