Crewing - 18th March

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Hello again, only me. Just thought I would give you another quick update. Today I have been continuing to work on "Little Lady" doing Boom Op. It has been a great day have the film is going to look amazing when it is done, I cannot wait to see the finished product. 

The filming has gone pretty smooth today, but the room we were filming in was very hot as there was a lot of people and the room was only small. It also meant that Sophie had get into the wardrobe so she was out of the way of the camera. The strange thing was, she actually loved it and I swear she went for a nap. 

Booming on this shoot was fairly easy. The boom was able to get real close as a lot of the shots were close up. There was a problem with the Microphone as it was making a buzzing/hissing noise, and after changing the XLR cable it still didn't solve the problem. It turned out that we had to put a bit of tape on the end of the microphone where the connection the the XLR was, this was because of wear and tear it had become a bit loose. With the problem solved we were able to get back to filming.

The next problem was when we were shooting an a big hallway in the Hotel, we needed sound of the doors and footsteps, but because the shot was so wide we couldn't get the mic anywhere. This meant we had to get the sound best we could, but depending on what it is like in the edit we may need to foley that sound in.

Overall the shoot was great and we finished a day early which was brilliant news.

Anyways, Time to catch up on some sleep.


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