crewing for Ben Chrichton- Day 1

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So I took a wrong turning on my way to the meet up point today, I guess I need to learn stoke a little bit better in future. Ben’s film is about a man who feels that he is being followed, but is it real or is he paranoid? So naturally I was looking forward to his shoot because of the nature of the story. I also got to meet an actor out of American werewolf in London, so naturally we was a little bit rushed in order to make him feel good in order to get the performance that Ben wanted.


This was the first time I tried a live stereo mix with dual microphones. I had one microphone on the boom pole and the other on a LED lighting panel stand. This was a great learning experience for me, and the rest of the crew because it was the first time they had recorded in stereo. This was a little bit of pressure on myself because I was trusted with the whole of the sound. With being a perfectionist on sound quality we had to do several retakes over the course of the day. I felt like the whole crew hated me for making my voice heard about sound issues, but I kept on thinking that if they want me to do the job, I will do the job to the best of my ability.


At the end of the day the director and the assistant director came up to me and thanked me for raising my concerns throughout the shoot. This boosted my confidence in my ability. I am happy with how the day went despite many outside noises that were to loud to record audio through.


TOTAL: 37 hours

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