Crewing for Ben Chrichton- Day 2

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Day two of Ben’s shoot and the crew had to travel across three locations in one day, which ranged from Stoke-On-Trent to Stockport. This was a useful experience because the locations were varied. First of all we was filming on top of a 7 story high building in the peak of wind, but with problem solving we got around that problem. Secondly we had to go to our next location, which was a café in the middle of its service. This was a new experience to me because normally I work in controlled environments but this situation really tested our communication and professionalism. Which I believe will only benefit me as a filmmaker and crewmember.  We had to get the footage and the sound while remaining respectful to the customers of the business.


On the third and final location, which was in Stockport’s auditorium. Which I might add is a brilliant venue for filming with its old style and open space. I had to deal with reverb from the auditorium but after a couple of tests, we were ready for the ending few shots of the filming schedule. After the shoot was finished I was thanked again for my efforts and I congratulated the cast and the crew.


TOTAL: 48 hours

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