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Dan Daley and I have worked together before in his last semester film ‘Cowbell’. I guess I did a good enough job because after finding out about the crewing he came to me quickly and asked for my help. This was very pleasing to me because he has a unique style in film and style. Seen, as he is experimental that gives me a open tool box for sound design and idea generation. So when Dan came to me with the idea to make a film in the style of a bad 80’s cooking programme I was excited to listen to what his idea was about. Dan wants his film to have over the top sound properties. Such as crowd cheering and a comical voice over as a presenter of the show.


So as per usual I helped him develop his ideas in pre production. We had 2 hours inside the sound studio experimenting with sounds and bouncing ideas off each other. For me, I feel that me a Dan work well together, his ideas as futuristic as they are. They are more of my way of thinking, which is left field. What I know of Dan Daily he will always surprise me in his creations. I look forward to helping him with his sound design.


TOTAL: 9 hours

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