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Part of my degree course for my current semester is to crew for third year students on their final film projects, this is a great opportunity to make exciting new contacts, show off my skills and moreover improve them on more intense shoots. As an aspiring producer, I wanted to concentrate on the pre-production elements of different projects, especially when it comes to developing scripts and bringing crews together.

One of the roles I took on was as a casting assistant for Liz Mann's film, 'Is it worth it?'. She asked if I could create casting calls on different websites and use my own contacts to help form a short list of actors who would eventually audition for the role(s). When it comes to casting, I've been very lucky at being able to source the actors I need for the roles I promote, I think this partly down to the detail I include and the places I use to advertise the roles. 

I produced a number of different character profiles and showcased them on both Starnow and Casting Call Pro. Although I had already used the aforementioned sites to acquire professionals for my previous films, it was great to get even more familiar with using them quickly and efficiently, especially as there wasn't much time until the auditions were scheduled to take place.

Casting is a very important part of a producing a film, and I am learning more and more about various ways to post a character role and get as much attention and interest as possible. I feel this is a skill that I have developed through constant practice. It's not a bad skill to have since off the back of this shoot, I have already been offered to help cast for two other final year productions. 


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