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I have to admit, and this will sound crazy coming from a film student but.... I've never been very excited about going on film shoots. That doesn't mean to say I don't value the experience that being on a shoot can bring, with regards forming new professional relationships and getting myself noticed by others. But I always find the days to be long and tedious, particularly if I have a smaller less significant crew role.  

I have tried to find pre-production roles within student productions that will allow me to show off my organisation and paperwork skills. I have always enjoyed planning for a shoot itself as opposed to being on the actual shoot. 

Having done some work with casting calls and auditions I wanted to try my hand at something new. I was given the chance to work as part of a set design team for a short experimental film from a third year student. I went along to create visual pieces for the large set that had been built, I designed various colourful patterns and animals that were in keeping with the directors kooky style.

Although this seems like a relatively simple job it was nice to work amongst a large group of people in one department, the whole experience has made me feel a lot more upbeat about film shoots in general. I hope to work on future projects in a similar role as I think I have a good creative mind that can work well under pressure.

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