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Hey All

On this post I want to talk to you about the role I payed in the film Jo Daene directed by Ross Alexander.

Jo Daene was another shoot where I was doing lighting and another once which i enjoyed. Jo Daene was a film which I really enjoyed shooting, it was different and very unique, there was a certain scene right at the end which I particularly enjoyed. I was really cool to do and was also really hard, I do tend to enjoy a challenge when coming to lights and this scene proved particularly hard to do.   

Jo Daene was also one of the late shoots throughout the month and I was very tired as it went on, which more or less meant that without any coffee in my system I was practically useless (admittedly) Eventually, got back up to speed with things and I tried my hardest to get exactly what Ross wanted with the shots we were doing.

From this shoot I learnt that I really and truly need sleep to function properly, working off coffee proves not healthy.


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