Crewing for Ruarai Cahill-Day 2

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The second shoot with Ruarai, and the final shoot with him, although he wants me to be in postproduction for his sound design. I got to meet the couple that the film revolves around. General sounds of the scene and their dialogue were captured today. Today was a good exercise to increase my confidence and hone my skills in being a sound recorder. I believe that I have got better and so do my colleagues around me. As in the most humbles way possible I have started to build a name for myself with my sound quality. Little sounds were captured because I feel that it will increase the richness of his sound design. For example the sound of the boys kicking the football with their dad, the little shouts and call outs. This will benefit Ruarai in the edit and postproduction.


I have enjoyed my time with Ruarai and his crew. His shoots have allowed me to practice my ability and strengthen a contact that will be in the industry in the not so distant future. Having done his sound aspect of the film, I look forward to viewing the final product. As do I look forward to all the other films that I have been part of.


TOTAL: 65 hours

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