Crewing for the level 6s

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Working with level 6s



I have found my limited amount of experience with the level 6s to be pleasant and enjoyable. On this Wednesday till Sunday I will be crewing for the level 6s as a sound recordist. I have the next month, which is fully booked, by the level 6s. I guess that this means I have a high demand, which is both exciting and challenging to keep my timetable organized.


The level 6 speed dating was a experience that I enjoyed a lot because I got the chance to meet people who are interested in employing the lower year group. This was great because it played out to be like an interview, with me being able to sell my skills and myself.


Overall I look forward to working with my fellow colleagues on some fantastic film ideas. Together we will make there final film of their degree. 

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Hi there, I am currently studying film production at staffordshire university. I am also passionate about photography and I want to be in the creative media.

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