crewing for Will Pugh- Day 2

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The second and final day of my shoot period is finally here. If I am truthful I will miss all these days that I have worked with the crew I have worked alongside. So today we had 30 shots to do and this was a table scene where the two actors meet. Will and I decided that we are not recording sound on this scene because of the constant noise that was surrounding us. The audio was going to be unusable so why waste batteries.

Although I wasn’t able to record sound I was taking notes in a notepad on what sounds I could hear during the scene, so I could try to recreate the sound in the sound studio. If I could help with anything on set, I was always there to offer a hand of help. With me not being able to record on location, it will really test me in the sound studio and my Foley skills. I am glad of this opportunity to be honest because I can only learn from this experience, and take it forward with me in the future.


TOTAL: 91 hours

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