Crewing Hours - Hazy Eyes - Build day

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I worked on Kelly’s build day because she had seen me already helping out on Rebecca Hilton’s build, saw that i was reliable and good at getting on was a job so she asked me to help out on hers. She used two of the walls that i had already helped build for Rebecca’s shoot so there was another wall to build twice the size of the others, with no help from any professionals we had to figure out how to make it strong from the trials and tribulations of the last build day we had, and Andy Barham’s build day from last semester.


I have never build anything before, and it was such a brilliant experience to work on all these build days and learn so much about things i never thought i would find out, i know fully now how to make a strong frame and how to put together a wall, this will be hugely helpful for the third year incase anyone else decides to build a set or i do myself. 


After building the set we then had to wallpaper and dress the set, this was something i had never done before, another useful skill i learnt was wallpapering which was also a strange thing to learn but shows the amount of diversity in these shoots and how many things you can learn from being on set. We had to then help dress the set with the head set designer and i had to help get some props for the set earlier that day, it was good to help influence the decisions made on the set design as i would get asked for my opinions on certain things and have a lot of input.


Even though i was not on the actual shoot i was very glad i was on the set build as i learnt so many things about building sets and how to dress them in certain styles, i also learnt a lot about how and where to get cheap props and furniture for my films.

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