Cricket Costumes On Sale!

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As far as I remember we only have two options on those cricket costumes which is India and Pakistan. But as I logged in earlier, I noticed the head of sis Saori! Oh yeah, there's something different about her Cricket Helmet. So without any hesitation, I did click the online shop logo on the top left corner of my account. And viola! I am right >_< There are so many choices now! And I can't really choose which one to buy as I have limited gems on hand *sigh*


Too bad for my side though. I really do want all those stuffs! And of course the +1 Buzz for 14 days! *deep sigh* How I wish I do have enough money on board, eh. And nope, I am not funding my account for now. *giggles* I guess I do have enough Buzz points for 14 days now ;) I don't wanna be that greedy. :P hohoho :) But of course I still wanna grab that opportunity, but I guess the situation won't allow me ;) I do invest enough for now *giggles*


How about you? Are you going to buy another set of Cricket Costumes?

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