Critical analysis of education in the Pakistan

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The role of education is very important for development of a country and its advancement towards success. Education plays a vital role in the progress of a country and a nation as well. Great leader and founder of Pakistan Quiad e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said on the topic of education that;

                  “There is no doubt that the future of our state will and must greatly depend upon the type of education we give to our children and the way in which we are bring them up as future citizens of Pakistan.”

 The Islamic laws and the constitution of Pakistan also provide the basic right of education to every male and female citizen of Pakistan. In the constitution it is stated in article 25-A that;

“The state shell provides free and compulsory education to all children’s of the age five to sixteen years in such a manner as may be determined by the law.”


Now I would like to write about the critical condition of education in the state. In Pakistan there are two sectors are important in the ground of education. One is the government sector while the other is the education sector. In private sector the quantity is preferred instead of quality; according to them the quantity is more important instead of quality. The second drawback of this institution is about economics. They charge a very huge amount of tuition fee and funds to the students while the teachers in this institution are also inexperienced. The teachers of these institutions are in very less in age and according to my mind they need the basic education.


If I talk about the government sector then there are lots of deficiencies which I observed mostly because about 50% of my family members are attached to the government education system. In the government education system mostly people are eligible for this department. Because this department need kind, and brought minded people which show kindness on the students and teach them as their own children. These people must have the sense of patience because if any mistake is made by some student then they forgive him and guide him about his mistake instead of suggesting a punishment for him. About all the people in the education system of Pakistan are good and well qualified, if they work hard and do their job by the honesty then we can become developed. But mostly people I see that they do not pay attention to their duty and think their job a miner activity of their life. There is also corruption in the education deptt and we have to filter this department from corruption and such type of black sheeps.

Written and composed by: Abid Rafique

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