Critical Points You Must Know About Women

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Women are one of the major parts of the society in any nation. Women are the half bone of a male who can be the best and the only alternative to live with. In developing countries the population of women is almost half of the total society. Nevertheless the influence of women in crucial activities of those nations is low. There are different reasons that hinder them growing up to the level of an expected position. Since the reasons are clearly known, we won’t go further down. However we can say more on the various alternatives that would made women fit and fast in the 21st Century. Here are the top corner things any developing nation must know to make women more productive and influential.
• Women are the half parts of your family so give them time and space to listen their thinking
• Husbands, love, encourage and initiate your wives in any of the activities they participate
• Women are not bunches of ‘something’. They have senses, innovative capabilities and unrelieved potentials that could boost the growth of any developing nation.
• For thousands of years, men are the only decision makers in the political, economic, social, cultural and other significant operations. This time is expired long time ago. You should also give a chance for women to involve in those systems and you’ll see the magnificent output right away.
• Women shouldn’t just sit and wait the husbands as the only and ultimate supporting part of the family. Instead, they should go out work something and be paid equal salary with the other fellow men.
• Girls should get a chance of early education like boys and all families must see their bright future by equipping them with a standard education.
• Women can handle too complicated situations in any stage of the society so this is not the time for me to be a selfish decision maker. Rather, let the women come into that problem and both men and women can solve it together.
• Negative cultural influences on women must be cut off from any developing nation. Female circumcision, Female inferiority thoughts etc. are some of the harmful cultural practices that exist nowadays in developing countries like Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Asia and Southern America.
• Fathers, please strengthen the inner psychology of your daughters just like your sons by allowing them to practice the most crucial life challenges they will face and showing the best alternatives to defend the problems.
The above points are few of the points. As a general conclusion we all should strive to see a world where women can participate and judge life situations without external power or one sided men hammering. Also, women are our daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, aunts etc. so we must protect them from any political and theoretical poisons and help them to step up the ladder of success and great achievement more than any time ever!

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