Croatia-Papuk Nature Park

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Papuk Nature Park

Papuk is the largest mountain in the Slavonia region in eastern Croatia, near the city of Požega. The area of Papuk is designated a nature park (park prirode). Papuk Geopark became the first Croatian Geopark and 30th member of the European and UNESCO Global Geoparks Network in 2007.

However beautiful the woods, brooks and waterfalls of Papuk may be, what makes this mountain unique in Croatia is its geology. The features that visitors find most captivating are endless forests of Papuk, extending as far as the eye can see. At the top of the mountains is the loveliest of all its adornments: the Jankovac waterfall. By far the most beautiful part of Papuk is Jankovan park-wood, one of Slavonia’s favourite excursion sites. The Nature Park Papuk offers a pallet of possibilities for recreation and is a perfect place for an active vacation. First in mind is alpinism, walking through the nature, what is attractive in all seasons. Because of the heights of the Papuk pikes, up to 1000 m, the alpinists can enjoy their activities regardless of their age. The swimming pools in Velika and the lake at Orahovica, are the ideal places for refreshment and bathing in summer.


Papuk Nature Park

Croatian jewel

Rated as a "Nature Park", this marvel of Nature and History will satisfy the tastes of both casual weekend tourists (easy walks by lakes and short treks by the waterfall and historical sites) to mountaineering tracks and geological sites and parks for more serious mountaineers. Also, the mountain lodges offer meals and lodgings alike. Roads leading to the park are well marked and the directions are quite easy to read. If you're in the vicinity and have a day's time to spend, the Nature Park Papuk is well worth the visit.


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