Crypto currencies and how to earn crypto currency by using bitlanders.

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    What is crypto currencies and how we earn crypto                                                 currencies .


Crypto cruncies is a digital currency if we talk about the origin of cryptocurrencies or bit coin. Bitcoin is a ist cryptocurrencies. 8 years ago Satoshi nakamoto introduced bitcoin in markete if we talk about the people who live in 1600/1700 centuries before they use a burderd system for exchange product and things after a passage of time they realize that this concept is not realible. Then they will use a cold diamond for purchasing products after a few times they also realize that few people get profit and other going for a lose now its a time of origin paper money paper doing a good job in markete every countries publish our currencies now after the success of paper money introduced a plastic money just like ATM debit card credit cards ets

Now its a time of digital currencies satoshi give a beautifull concept of digital currencies no chances of theft no chances of lose. satoshi give a concept after he realize that banking sector doing not good job we can tranfer digital currencies one place to another place in few seconds. Now after the great success of bitcoin now a hundreds of digital currencies work in markete and people earn a maximum profits for doing a bussiness with

digital currencies.

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Bit coin start in 2009 when the starting point of bitcoins the value of bitcoin is less then 1 dollers now today the value of bitcoin is round about 4000 dollers of 1 coin, Bitcoin is a great revolution in a today markete different website work on a bitcoin different website give a different work and people earn a lots of money through site like a bitcoins. Now i m going to talk about bitlanders.


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Bitlanders is one of the best social miedia websitethat i have joined. i m using this site for last 15 days ago we spend a lots of time others social media websites for uploading movies blogs photos etc but cant get a money free of cost we doing this type of work but bitlandars pay money if u use bitlandard upload vidios blogs photos etc so i decided to create a new tutorial blogs for my new fellow bitlanderd share my experince and knowledge regarding to term rules and regulation of bitlanderd.

Introduction of bitlanders


image courtesy is a social media website that pays its user being sicialy active make new friends upload vidos photos blogs microblogs contect. This site is very good for those people who are good in making vidios writing blogs captured a good photos.  This site can help people for enhancing skills and same time provide a good plaeform for earning now a days every one want to earn a lots of money bitlanderd is a good plate form for those people its realy amzing website. 

                                     How to use bitlanders.


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If we watch this vidio about bitlanders we have learned that site is paying bitcoins. Bitcoin is a digital currency that we can convert in real money now.  Bitlanders switch the payment method from bitcoin to bitmiles. We can earn bitmiles by uploading photos blogs microblogs buzz vidios etc. The minimum payout amout is ten dollars so before u cash out ist of all minimum u need to earn 10 gbm.

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Now you get a reward or earning in bitlanders now its a time to create an account on paypal or payaza i suggest that paypal is better then payza . i suggest all of my friend paypal. Paypal is not available in few countries if paypal is not availabe in your country then you will create an account on payza. When you create a paypal account you need these things.

1. valid email adress

2 debit or credit card

first you earn 10 gms then create paypal account by using debit or credit cards then you will withdraw your money by using your debit or credit card.

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Enjoy bitlanders and earn a lots of money to full fill your needs. Thanks

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