CryptoSpot - The First Bitcoin Virtual Mining Game [0.00008BTC/GHS]

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                                                 CryptoSpot Officially Launched on 1st February 2015


What is CryptoSpot?
CryptoSpot is a game, where it simulate real time bitcoin mining.
This is the same as cloud mining but it's more different than them.
To get you started, every new member that join will get a Starter Kit(1GHS).

What is the price per GHS?
0.0001BTC per GHS.

What happened if my miner power is below 5%?
If any of your miner power goes below 5%, it will be deactivated.
If that happens, you will need to repair it in order to activate it again.
The cost to repair miner is 0.00005BTC.

Can I create my own mining pool?
Yes you can!
Under "Mining Pools" you will see "Create Pool", click on that.
You can set your own fee for your mining pool!
Please note that you will be charged one time 0.1BTC fee for creating the pool.

What is the pool fee?
The official mining pool pool fee is 2%.

What is the current difficulty?
Unfortunately, we do not implement such thing to the game.
Why? Because if implemented, user have to spend more bitcoins in hash power as the difficulty increases. If that happens, user will not profit.

How long does one round lasts?
30 minutes.
A new block will come every 30 minutes.(new round)

How do I calculate my earnings for each round?
You can calculate your earnings for each round with the following formula.

My_Estimated_Earnings = ((My_Shares / Pool_Shares) * (Value_of _Block)) - Pool_Fee

My_Shares : 808
Pool_Shares : 7064
Value_of_Block(For this month) : 0.00111607
Pool_Fee : 2% (CryptoSpot Pool pool Fee)

My_Estimated_Earnings = ((808 / 7064) * (0.00111607)) - 2% = 0.00012511BTC

Is there a marketplace to sell or rent my hash power?

Can we mine altcoins other than bitcoins?

Can I refer others to play?
You can earn 5% commissions on their in game purchases!
Please note that if you caught cheating the system, all your accounts will be banned.
IP's are checked on login and double accounts are banned.

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