CSS Preparation

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Here are some tips to prepare for your CSS exams,

Do not wait for the suitable time,start your preparation as soon as possible.

You should have build following abilities in order to pass your Exams

1. Creative English Writing:

your mind should be creative in order to build creativity about any topic

2:Current Affairs:

Have a knowldge of incidents happening around you in your city,country and on international scale

3.Personality Building

 ersonallity matters alot,It includes:

  (1) Self confident 

  (2) Learn from others 

  (3) Dressing 

  (4) Manners of eati g,living and dealing etc

  (5) Don't be a selfish man, co operate with others in matter of solving sme problems,questions etc

  (6) Be confident in your doings

  (7) Acquire extra knowledge and informations By reading Various books of current afairs, geography,                 History  etc

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