Cubs weird black coat color is extremely rare

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Reportedly, black coat color of 25-day-old cubs this is due to melanin pigmentation caused false.

Wear black coat color throughout the body, perhaps the new cubs born in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China is often mistaken as a new subspecies of the cat, but they are in fact, different look it is caused by a disease.

The reason 25-day-old cubs are adorable black plumage is the result of melanin pigmentation author. This phenomenon occurs when animals coat color or black pigmented stripes also be marked as light gray or recorded. Because the stripes so close together they almost draw with the background color of the feathers that are difficult to distinguish.

The term false melanin pigmentation is derived from pure melanin pigmentation, ie when animals have more melanin in the hair and eyes.

This disease will give the appearance of animal disease in contrast to albinism.

The coat is black as a result of the false melanin contamination.

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