Customizing the Avatar

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It's just a normal way here in bitlanders to customize and dress up our avatars the way we wanted them to look like. We have our choices of what clothes, accessories or shoes we wanted them to try out which are readily found in the shop section. 

Today, I just want to try something new:

I've bought the Kimono Judo costumes even if there are no available buzz points on it as it only costs me 10 gems (5 for the top and 5 for the pants). So far, I had bought a lot of gems last month when the price of it was very low. I was really thinking of buying it because of blogs submission for review. But now, I had a difficulty using it because I can't think of any blogs to be submit. If only I can trade it to anyone or something in the store that will give me an additional buzz score. So I decided to buy something in the store just for a change. lol

And because judo is something that is recently introduced, well...I don't want to miss it anyway. ^_^

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