Cutting Ice to Snow Included in the International Motion Arts Awards Collection

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October 29th was a nerve-racking day for New Yorkers and those who live on the East Coast. We were all anticipating one of the biggest storms in NYC's history and didn't really know what to expect. I have personally never experienced a hurricane before, and the only memory I had of a natural disaster was the 1999 earthquake in Turkey. I was in middle school.

Even though my Internet was down for the day, I was still able to "connect" to the world with my 3G phone. Around noon, as I was cruising the internet in the midst of all the uncertainty and (minor) anxiety, I received an email that filled my day with happiness and excitement. The e-mail was from Mark Heflin, the director of American Illustration - American Photography, informing me that my video, Cutting Ice to Snow, was selected to be screened at AI-AP's Premiere International Motion Arts Awards. Cutting Ice to Snow was one of the only 46 projects selected. I am thrilled and excited that my video is now part of this archive.

I was lucky enough to not get affected by the storm on October 29th while the city flooded like never before. I was thinking that Sandy would end up being a sour memory, but now I'll think of it as a day when I felt proud, happy, and excited. You can watch my video below:

Here is the event info:

November 8th - Big Talk Symposium brings jurors and designers from the AI-AP, Latin American, and Motion Art competitions together for panel discussions and will conclude with a full-screen presentation of the winning Motion Art projects. When? 10AM - 3PM. Where? SVA Theater, 333 West 23rd Street.

November 9th - The Party brings illustrators, photographers, and creatives together to honor the winners and their artwork from the year's AI-AP, Latin American, and Motion Art competitions. Festivities include the launch of new books, a multi-media exhibit and display of the winning artwork, a gallery exhibit of selected Latin American winners presented by Epson, open bar, music, and food. When? 7-11PM. Where? Angel Orensanz Foundation, 172 Norfolk Street.

Both events are open to public. $50 gets you into both events. $15 gets you into the Big Talk only. For more information, visit

I look forward to attending both events and seeing all the photography, illustration, and video work that will be presented. You can see the winning photography and illustration work in the archive section of AI-AP's website. The selected videos will be available on the site shortly.


More about International Motion Art Awards

American Illustration-American Photography (AI-AP), the leading juried annuals in North America, introduces the inaugural International Motion Art Awards (IMAA) which celebrate photographers, illustrators and designers who make their work move in all media. As a natural (and long-awaited) spin-off to the American Photography and American Illustration award annuals, the IMAAs honor the artist's original and singular vision. 

In recognizing the author's "eye" and "hand" as paramount to the creative process, the IMAAs pay tribute to best motion art from the year and offer a unique opportunity to the winners and their collaborators for visibility, promotion and bragging rights within the industry.

-- Eren

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