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Since i became a Christian, Bible had been really important to me. I have my paperback Bible and my Apps in my phone. Now i have this two Bible App, the first one is the NIV Bible app which looks like this


Then months ago i downloaded another Bible App called Bible You version. I love the App! At first i downloaded it because of many translations/ version of Bible it has (all you need to do is to download the version you wanted to read offline). Then i discovered that it has an Audio Bible, i've been looking for good Audio Bible so that whether i am busy i can still hear the word of God. 


So everyday when i have my devotions i always open this App, and oh the version i am reading is The Message version. I am contented enough that i had a chance to read a MSG version here, highlighted and taking some notes, until today that i explored it. This app is not for just those believers but for those who wanted to strengthen their faith or simply wanted to find motivation, this app can really help you.


First is you can add your facebook info for you to personalize your account. And guess what you can also find your friends who are using it.


Then there is this daily verse, not only that because you can utilize your creativity in making it a photo quote.


Then there are some videos that you can watch and some live podcast that you can listen to. But most of all, i love the Plans! Love the devotionals on it! They have some for youth and for parents. What i love here is it is like a subscription for free! Some plans are continous for 4 days, 1 week of even almost a month!


This App will surely help us to seek more and learn more of  God's word. For it is written in the Bible that Faith comes from hearing and hearing the word of God!


God bless you!

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