Dam-builder in a fur coat

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1: A plane roars over the woods. At last it is over just the right spot


Now someone opens the cabin door. Out come great, white parachutes.

Tied to each of the parachutes is a cage. In each cage is a beaver. Now the cages are floating to the ground. Soon they will open by themselves.

In no time at all the beavers will be making a dam.

2: The animals are taken by plane because it saves time. It might take days to walk to the same spot.

3: When beavers are set free in the woods, they soon find a stream. Then they will get right to work and start making a dam. The pond made by this dam will help stop forest fires. And the land around the pond will be kept very green. It is hard for a forest fire to start in wet, green woods.

4: No other wild animal works as hard as the beaver. Beavers can build a dam hundreds of feet long and more than ten feet high. A beaver is home may be as big as fourteen feet across and six feet high. Yet all he has to work with is a set of sharp teeth and two little hands.

5: With his teeth, the beaver keeps biting little pieces from the bottom of a tree trunk. Soon the tree falls. Then the little worker cuts it into small pieces and pushes and pulls the pieces to the place where he wants them


6: Why does the beaver work so hard to build a dam and make a pond? The reason is that he wants a house with water all around it. When he lives in an island home, it is hard for land animals to get to him. When the cold winter winds blow, he stays warm in his home made of mud and sticks. For food, he eats twigs and bark from the trees.

7: The hard-working beaver asks for very little. About all he wants is a place to build a dam and live a quiet life.

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