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Every people have their own honor. Every man is working like different. Somebody is doing that work which they want. Are you known dancing? Dancing is an art. Who know dancing and who do dancing. Who are teen age they like to do dance. And they also do dance. Some young people are doing that work, which they could not want. But they have no choice.

They also do like different. But elders are suggesting doing all professional work. That’s why many people are failed to do that work. They could not like it. If I example some young people, I saw some people are really good to do dance. But they could not get support from others to do dance. I also like dance. But I could not do. That’s why I also feel bad.

In the present time many countries has many value of dancing. They are famous for dancing. Hollywood is make movie about dancing like step up. In the internet you can find many dancing tutorials. You can learn more about dancing. So be enjoying who love dancing.

Dancing is a good stress reliever and exercise.


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