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Marine life are that life which lived in the sea water like fishes,sea horse, sharks, see snakes, snails, jellyfish and other animals that are in the sea water. Due to the increase in the population, the number of factories increases day by day.

The factories and industries put there waste materials and dangerous chemicals into the rivers and when this water of river falls into the sea water, then they will polluted the sea water.

As a result millions of fishes and other animals sea animals lost their life because they do not survive in the polluted water. The people who spend their picnic near the seaside are also polluted water.

They throw the waste material in the seaside due to the carelessness of the people the water becomes polluted and it is a great danger for the marine life. It is the responsibility of every person to put the waste material into  the near basket and clean the environment.

The other factor for the pollution of seawater are that,those ships who's engine are on the diesel when they start their engine as a result large amount of smoke and oil is released which are polluted the sea water.

This is very dangerous are marine life. Marine life are very sensitive animals they can survive only the fresh and clean water.

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