Dare to try the Burger taste of meat 'Human'?

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Berani Coba Burger Rasa Daging Manusia?

London - you burger lovers? Yes, the food is indeed quite interested by all people ranging from adults to children. As already known, the burgers are usually made ​​of tasty beef. But what happens if there is a chef who makes a burger taste of human flesh? 

Reported by the Daily Mail, Saturday (09/27/2014) James Thomlinson is the owner of the idea of ​​human flesh. But take it easy, this burger is made from a mixture of animal meat is beef, chicken liver, bone marrow and pork are combined with fresh vegetables and seasonings. This fusion of James deliberately choose and for meat that he has a sense resembles the taste for human flesh.

Ingredients: Mr Thomlinson mixed veal, chicken livers, bone marrow and pork to make the macabre meal

This idea originated from James curiosity towards London pop-up restaurant Mess. In cooperation with Misscaked, he finally persuaded a medical student to give him a piece of meat from the human body. After it, he then tasted the meat and said in his book Jungle Ways, which was launched in 1920.

Study: Without having ever tasted human flesh, Mr Thomlinson, who runs London Mess, researched accounts of cannibalism to see what the burgers should taste like

"It feels pretty good. Much like the taste of beef in general, there is little difference of course but do not change the taste," said James.

Macabre mix: The ingredients are mixed up ready to add to the burgers

Yet another opinion on human flesh coming from Issei Sagawa, a Japanese man who killed a Dutch woman named Renée Hartevelt written by James in his book.

"Human meat tasted like tuna.'s So easy to melt in my mouth. Try you come to the restaurant and eat raw tuna sushi. Feels exactly the same as human flesh," her said.

Up for grabs: Mr Thomlinson will offer up free burgers next Tuesday at his secret pop-up Terminus Tavern

Unfortunately, you can not taste the unique foods of this one. Because James just started selling it at the launch of "The Walking Dead Season 5" on 13 October 2014. Not only that, James also conceal which up to now launch it will be implemented. To find out, the fans need to follow the Twitter account of James because the information will be conveyed via the hastag #terminustavern. Dare you try the burger taste of human flesh?


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