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Back in the 60s when radioactive isotopes were transported in unmarked trucks going through busy city streets (don't ask), statistically there was every chance that they could spill out, strike you in the face and transform you into a blind vigilante whose sense of the world is formed through a radar-sonic sensory mechanism. Which is exactly why you need to go through this workout pushing your body and athletic ability to Daredevil heights.    

What it works: Shoulders, chest, triceps, quads, core, lower abs, lateral abs, side hip flexors, lower back, glutes, calves, cardiovascular system, aerobic performance (VO2 Max).

Tips: When performing side kicks lean towards the kick extending the arm that's on the same side as your kicking leg to point towards where you are kicking. This helps keep your body upright, engages the lateral abs as well as loads the side hip flexors and allows you to maintain your balance. 

Make it better: Add snap to your punches, pulling them back just as fast as you send them out and working your biceps a little more. 

Make it harder:  Close your eyes when you perform each exercise. Apart from the Daredevil affectation it totally challenges your perceptual ability and really makes you work on your balance. 

Body types this can work for: Suitable for anybody regardless of body type and radar-sonic ability.  

Perfect for: Those days when you want to take yourself into something remarkably different (it's the closed-eyes thing, we know). 


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