Data privacy: A sensitive issue in our days

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Data privacy: A sensitive issue in our days


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All human beings, immediately born we generate the creation of personal data that can be listed immediately as they are, date of birth, personal name, personal ID, birth weight, etc. These are recorded immediately in the computer systems and/or manuals of our country of origin.

7.4 billion (Source Población Mundial) people that inhabit our planet currently mean an equal number of records, not counting people who have died leaving records in the same systems mentioned above.

These data have practically incalculable monetary values not counting information such as credit cards, interests and hobbies, emails, social profiles, passwords and that can be capitalized on the market.

Every day more and more people risk this information, registering it on websites that according to the definition of “Information Privacy or Data Privacy" are supposed to take care not to allow their disclosure of the data with third parties without our previous feelingly.

Taking into consideration that the data of a single person such as the credit card with its numbers and data of the holder can be around $ 200 Euros in the online black market, this represents a great temptation for hackers who want to own valuable information to commit their criminal acts.

After the recent data filtering scandal of users of the computer giant Yahoo! We must take much more care of where we place our data to prevent a leak of this type and avoid affects us personally or economically.


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What is Data privacy?

The Data Privacy measures the ability of a company to safeguard personal data stored by them of its users from internal or external third-party instruction.

It will not matter if we use secure passwords in our accounts if in any case the company dedicated to collecting and storing our data does not have the logistical and technical capacity necessary to guarantee security in its databases.

Yahoo! Data breaches


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Both late disclosure of information by Yahoo! That he had suffered security breaches as well as the same infraction caused the company to face federal charges before the Congress of the United States of America and a loss in the total value of the company in the amount of 350 Million Dollars because the same Was in the process of being sold to Verizon Communications for $ 4.8 billion, a deal that was completed in June of this year 2017.

It is estimated that millions of users of Flickr, Sky, and BT do not know that their accounts were nested in Yahoo! databases As a result of subsequent acquisitions.

Who were the pirates who committed the infraction?

In the Gap of the year 2014 Yahoo! He reported that they were "state-sponsored" hackers although they did not mention any specific country. Some speculate that China or Russia could be behind these attacks.

US intelligence officials who denied disclosing their names said earlier attacks were carried out by pirates sponsored by the Russian government.

A cyber security adviser named Sean Sullivan said the main suspect is the Chinese government.

On March 15, 2017 the FBI formally charged four men two of whom work for the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) in a unit that is dedicated cyber crimes.

Source: Wikipedia via Yahoo! data breaches


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Final Tips

Taking into consideration that in today's time it is impossible to live without having some degree of exposure on the internet, we can say that it is convenient to know that all the personal information of individuals currently has capitalizable value.

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What we can do is:

1- Be informed about the security of the data we register on social networks and web portals.

2- Make observations to the service providers about suspicious activities in our user accounts.

3 - Require the large cyber company to constantly update and test to improve security through the various forms of suggestions available.

4- Use more complex passwords and security questions as well as mobile notifications to improve the security of our data for ourselves.

5- Consider whether it is worthwhile to register our data in little known portals or of dubious capacity to maintain the privacy of data of the users.

6 - To express the interest to the governments to regulate and to arrive at rigorous agreements on the computer security of the personal data of the citizens.

So far my blog about the privacy of personal data. Thank you very much, good luck and see you in the next delivery.



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